■ 環境

  • sh

■ echo -e


$ echo "aaa\tbbb"


$ man sh
 echo [-neE] [arg ...]
  Output  the  args,  separated  by  spaces, followed by a newline.  The return status is always 0.  If -n is
  specified, the trailing newline is suppressed.  If the -e option is given, interpretation of the  following
  backslash-escaped characters is enabled.  The -E option disables the interpretation of these escape charac-
  ters, even on systems where they are interpreted by default.  The xpg_echo shell  option  may  be  used  to
  dynamically determine whether or not echo expands these escape characters by default.  echo does not inter-
  pret -- to mean the end of options.  echo interprets the following escape sequences:
  \a     alert (bell)
  \b     backspace
  \c     suppress trailing newline
  \e     an escape character
  \f     form feed
  \n     new line
  \r     carriage return
  \t     horizontal tab
  \v     vertical tab
  \\     backslash
  \0nnn  the eight-bit character whose value is the octal value nnn (zero to three octal digits)
  \xHH   the eight-bit character whose value is the hexadecimal value HH (one or two hex digits)


$ echo -e "aaa\tbbb"
aaa    bbb



■ 関連

Macでの`echo -n`