Docker for Macの設定情報


■ 環境

  • Docker for Mac
  • Mac OSX El Capitan

■ pinata

先日のエントリにて、Docker for Macでインストールされるコマンドは下記のようであることがわかった。

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • docker-diagnose
  • docker-machine
  • notary
  • pinata


■ commands


  • diagnose
  • doctor
  • get
  • list
  • reset
  • restart
  • set


■ list


$ pinata list
These are advanced configuration settings to customise on MacOSX.
You can set them via pinata set  .

?  hostname = docker
   Hostname of the virtual machine endpoint, where container ports will be
   exposed if using nat networking. Access it via 'docker.local'.

?  hypervisor = native (memory=4, ncpu=2)
   The includes embedded hypervisors that run the virtual machines
   that power the containers. This setting allows you to control which the
   default one used for Linux is.

 ▸  native: a version of the xhyve hypervisor that uses the MacOSX
              Hypervisor.framework to run container VMs. Parameters:
              memory (VM memory in gigabytes), ncpu (vCPUs)

?  network = hostnet (docker-ipv4=, host-ipv4=
   Controls how local containers can access the external network via the
   MacOS X host. This includes outbound traffic as well as publishing ports
   for external access to the local containers.

 ▸ hostnet: a mode that helps if you are using a VPN that restricts
              connectivity. Activating this mode will proxy container network
              packets via the process as host socket traffic.
              Parameters: docker-ipv4 (docker node), host-ipv4 (host node)
 ▸     nat: a mode that uses the MacOS X vmnet.framework to route container
              traffic to the host network via a NAT.

?  filesystem = osxfs
   Controls the mode by which files from the MacOS X host and the container
   filesystem are shared with each other.

 ▸   osxfs: a FUSE-based filesystem that bidirectionally forwards OSX
              filesystem events into the container.

?  native/port-forwarding = true
   Expose container ports on the Mac, rather than the VM

 ▸    true: Container ports will be exposed on the Mac
 ▸   false: Container ports will be exposed on the VM

?  daemon = run 'pinata get daemon' or 'pinata set daemon [@file|-]>
   JSON configuration of the local Docker daemon. Configure any custom
   options you need as documented in: Set it
   directly, or a @file or - for stdin.



■ doctor


$ pinata doctor
This tool will help identify any incompatibilities between your environment
and Docker for Mac. If Docker for Mac is working fine: please don't worry and
just ignore these warnings!

Warning: You have installed docker on your system with homebrew.
This can interfere with the operation of Docker 4 Mac. If you would like to
remove it:
brew uninstall docker

The doctor found 1 problem.



■ 関連




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