zcat & gzcat


■ 環境

  • macOS High Sierra

■ zcat


$ zcat example.csv.gz
zcat: can't stat: example.csv.gz (example.csv.gz.Z): No such file or directory


$ file example.csv.gz
example.csv.gz: gzip compressed data, last modified: Sun Apr  1 18:10:01 2018, from Unix


$ zless example.csv.gz


■ gzcat


$ gzcat example.csv.gz





■ 環境

  • Microsoft Excell
  • macOS High Sierra

■ 取り消し線



取り消し線“を付けたいセルや文字列を選択後に、”command + 1“で”セルの書式設定”を開く。

フォント > 文字飾り > 取り消し線“にチェックを入れる。




■ 環境

  • exploitdb
  • Homebrew
  • macOS High Sierra

■ exploitdb

$ brew info exploitdb
exploitdb: stable 2018-04-05, HEAD
The official Exploit Database
Not installed
From: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/blob/master/Formula/exploitdb.rb
==> Options
    Install HEAD version


$ brew install exploitdb


$ brew ls exploitdb
/usr/local/Cellar/exploitdb/2018-04-05/share/exploit-database/ (39996 files)


$ searchsploit -h
  Usage: searchsploit [options] term1 [term2] ... [termN]

  searchsploit afd windows local
  searchsploit -t oracle windows
  searchsploit -p 39446
  searchsploit linux kernel 3.2 --exclude="(PoC)|/dos/"

  For more examples, see the manual: https://www.exploit-db.com/searchsploit/

   -c, --case     [Term]      Perform a case-sensitive search (Default is inSEnsITiVe).
   -e, --exact    [Term]      Perform an EXACT match on exploit title (Default is AND) [Implies "-t"].
   -h, --help                 Show this help screen.
   -j, --json     [Term]      Show result in JSON format.
   -m, --mirror   [EDB-ID]    Mirror (aka copies) an exploit to the current working directory.
   -o, --overflow [Term]      Exploit titles are allowed to overflow their columns.
   -p, --path     [EDB-ID]    Show the full path to an exploit (and also copies the path to the clipboard if possible).
   -t, --title    [Term]      Search JUST the exploit title (Default is title AND the file's path).
   -u, --update               Check for and install any exploitdb package updates (deb or git).
   -w, --www      [Term]      Show URLs to Exploit-DB.com rather than the local path.
   -x, --examine  [EDB-ID]    Examine (aka opens) the exploit using $PAGER.
       --colour               Disable colour highlighting in search results.
       --id                   Display the EDB-ID value rather than local path.
       --nmap     [file.xml]  Checks all results in Nmap's XML output with service version (e.g.: nmap -sV -oX file.xml).
                                Use "-v" (verbose) to try even more combinations
       --exclude="term"       Remove values from results. By using "|" to separated you can chain multiple values.
                                e.g. --exclude="term1|term2|term3".

 * You can use any number of search terms.
 * Search terms are not case-sensitive (by default), and ordering is irrelevant.
   * Use '-c' if you wish to reduce results by case-sensitive searching.
   * And/Or '-e' if you wish to filter results by using an exact match.
 * Use '-t' to exclude the file's path to filter the search results.
   * Remove false positives (especially when searching using numbers - i.e. versions).
 * When updating or displaying help, search terms will be ignored.



$ searchsploit drupal
------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
 Exploit Title                                                     |  Path
                                                                   | (/usr/local/opt/exploitdb/share/exploit-database/)
------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Drupal 4.0 - News Message HTML Injection                           | exploits/php/webapps/21863.txt
Drupal 4.1/4.2 - Cross-Site Scripting                              | exploits/php/webapps/22940.txt
Drupal 4.5.3 < 4.6.1 - Comments PHP Injection                      | exploits/php/webapps/1088.pl
Drupal 4.7 - 'Attachment mod_mime' Remote Command Execution        | exploits/php/webapps/1821.php
Drupal 4.x - URL-Encoded Input HTML Injection                      | exploits/php/webapps/27020.txt
Drupal 5.2 - PHP Zend Hash ation Vector                            | exploits/php/webapps/4510.txt
Drupal 5.21/6.16 - Denial of Service                               | exploits/php/dos/10826.sh
Drupal 6.15 - Multiple Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabili | exploits/php/webapps/11060.txt
Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 - 'Drupalgeddon' SQL Injection (Add Admin User)  | exploits/php/webapps/34992.py
Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 - 'Drupalgeddon' SQL Injection (Admin Session)   | exploits/php/webapps/44355.php
Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 - 'Drupalgeddon' SQL Injection (PoC) (Reset Pass | exploits/php/webapps/34984.py
Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 - 'Drupalgeddon' SQL Injection (PoC) (Reset Pass | exploits/php/webapps/34993.php
Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 - 'Drupalgeddon' SQL Injection (Remote Code Exec | exploits/php/webapps/35150.php
Drupal 7.12 - Multiple Vulnerabilities                             | exploits/php/webapps/18564.txt
Drupal 7.x Module Services - Remote Code Execution                 | exploits/php/webapps/41564.php
Drupal < 4.7.6 - Post Comments Remote Command Execution            | exploits/php/webapps/3313.pl
Drupal < 5.1 - Post Comments Remote Command Execution              | exploits/php/webapps/3312.pl
Drupal < 5.22/6.16 - Multiple Vulnerabilities                      | exploits/php/webapps/33706.txt
Drupal < 7.34 - Denial of Service                                  | exploits/php/dos/35415.txt
Drupal Module Ajax Checklist 5.x-1.0 - Multiple SQL Injections     | exploits/php/webapps/32415.txt
Drupal Module CAPTCHA - Security Bypass                            | exploits/php/webapps/35335.html
Drupal Module CKEditor 3.0 < 3.6.2 - Persistent EventHandler Cross | exploits/php/webapps/18389.txt
Drupal Module CKEditor < 4.1WYSIWYG (Drupal 6.x/7.x) - Persistent  | exploits/php/webapps/25493.txt
Drupal Module CODER 2.5 - Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)    | exploits/php/webapps/40149.rb
Drupal Module Coder < 7.x-1.3/7.x-2.6 - Remote Code Execution      | exploits/php/remote/40144.php
Drupal Module Cumulus 5.x-1.1/6.x-1.4 - 'tagcloud' Cross-Site Scri | exploits/php/webapps/35397.txt
Drupal Module Drag & Drop Gallery 6.x-1.5 - 'upload.php' Arbitrary | exploits/php/webapps/37453.php
Drupal Module Embedded Media Field/Media 6.x : Video Flotsam/Media | exploits/php/webapps/35072.txt
Drupal Module RESTWS 7.x - PHP Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)  | exploits/php/remote/40130.rb
Drupal Module Sections - Cross-Site Scripting                      | exploits/php/webapps/10485.txt
Drupal Module Sections 5.x-1.2/6.x-1.2 - HTML Injection            | exploits/php/webapps/33410.txt
------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Shellcodes: No Result



brew doctor


■ 環境

  • Homebrew
  • macOS High Sierra

■ brew doctor

$ brew doctor
Please note that these warnings are just used to help the Homebrew maintainers
with debugging if you file an issue. If everything you use Homebrew for is
working fine: please don't worry or file an issue; just ignore this. Thanks!

Warning: You have unlinked kegs in your Cellar
Leaving kegs unlinked can lead to build-trouble and cause brews that depend on
those kegs to fail to run properly once built. Run `brew link` on these:

Warning: Homebrew's sbin was not found in your PATH but you have installed
formulae that put executables in /usr/local/sbin.
Consider setting the PATH for example like so
  echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/sbin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Warning: Broken symlinks were found. Remove them with `brew prune`:


■ Warning: You have unlinked kegs in your Cellar

google-cloud-sdk“に対しての問題のようだ。`brew link`を実施してみるもエラーとなる。

$ brew link google-cloud-sdk
Error: Multiple kegs installed to /usr/local/Cellar/google-cloud-sdk
However we don't know which one you refer to.
Please delete (with rm -rf!) all but one and then try again.


$ brew uninstall google-cloud-sdk
Error: Multiple kegs installed to /usr/local/Cellar/google-cloud-sdk
However we don't know which one you refer to.
Please delete (with rm -rf!) all but one and then try again.


$ rm -rf /usr/local/Cellar/google-cloud-sdk

■ Warning: Homebrew’s sbin was not found in your PATH but you have installed


$ echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/sbin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc


■ Warning: Broken symlinks were found. Remove them with `brew prune`:


$ brew prune
Pruned 6 symbolic links and 8 directories from /usr/local


$ brew doctor
Your system is ready to brew.


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■ 環境

  • Mac OSX El Capitan

■ .localized






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